Daily xine RPMS (Linux DVD player)

update notice: this server has been updated recently (rh7.3 to fc4) but i still haven\'t been able to adjust the build scripts with the new configuration. the last cvs rpms will remain the same in the meantime.

This is an "unofficial" xine release. "Unofficial" just because the xine project does not officially distribute any binary or compiled packages. xine is free software and the source code is always available and licensed under GPL. "Linux DVD Player" is here so you can google for it ;-)

The provided RPMS are built automatically everyday from xine's Sourceforge CVS. This is all you need to play DVDs in linux (with full menu support) and the other media formats xine can handle. For more information please check the xine homepage.

The xine developers do not support CSS descrambling. The use of this software for watching your legally purchased DVDs may be illegal in your country.

You need to install libdvdcss rpm besides xine-lib and xine-ui. Without libdvdcss you won't be able to watch encrypted DVDs, that is, most of them.

If the files below are some days old that means cvs changes have broken my daily building. Also note that sourceforge public CVS access is getting worse everyday, and if the scripts cannot get the latest version, packages won't be updated.

These rpms are build in a RedHat Linux 7.3 server. Some care is taken to keep them portable across different distros, so they should also work on RH 7.x, 8.0, 9.0, Fedora, Mandrake, Suse, Conectiva...

Important notes:
  1. Dependencies for libxine rpm are manually set to a minimum. The package will not require libraries used by specific plugins, such as ALSA, to be available in order to be installed.
  2. Ogg/Vorbis version 1.0 is statically linked.
  3. To watch asf/avi files encoded with win32 dlls just install w32codec rpm. This rpm includes the old Video for Windows (vfw) codecs, Windows Media Video 8 (WMV8), WMV9 and Quicktime 6 codecs. these codecs will be used by xine as needed (that is, when native ones aren't available).

  4. If you install the RealPlayer8/9 rpm you will be able to watch Real Networks streams (.rm). xine plays Real streams with less cpu utilization than RealPlayer itself and works on sound cards without 44.1Khz support. Do not use RealPlayer10, xine will not be able to use their libraries since they changed the binary interfaces. fortunately, Real10 streams can be decoded perfectly using the Real9 libraries.
  5. libdvdcss 1.2.8 provided here is patched with network support. this makes possible to watch dvds from a remote dvdrom drive. check xine-lib/doc/README.network_dvd (ignore the steps to build 'cdda_server' as the same utility is included here as 'dvdcss_server').
  6. xine-ui is statically linked to libcurl. press (control+d) while running xine-ui to download new skins.
  7. libpng is now statically linked to keep dependencies low.
  8. Travis England kindly sent me x86_64 rpms for suse-9.1. These files are available here. Note: don't ask me about these rpms, I have not tested them. Check the readme file for more information.

Step by step guide to run xine

  1. You need to download the xine engine (libxine). Get the libxine rpm which more closely matches yourCPU:

      libxine1-(version)-xxxxxx.i586.rpm for Pentium/Pentium MMX
      libxine1-(version)-xxxxxx.i686.rpm for Pentium II/III/IV
      libxine1-(version)-xxxxxx.k6.rpm for AMD K6
      libxine1-(version)-xxxxxx.k7.rpm for AMD Athlon/Duron

    If you don't know your CPU just get the i586 package.

  2. Download xine-ui:

    xine-ui-(version)-xxxxxx.i586.rpm for any CPU.
  3. Install the packages (you need to be root):

    # rpm -U libxine1* xine-ui* 
  4. If you want full DVD support download and install libdvdcss:


    By default, xine expects to find your DVD-ROM at /dev/dvd. Creating a symbolic link to your device is recommended (for example, /dev/hdc or /dev/scd0). The command below should work for most users:

      # ln -s /dev/cdrom /dev/dvd

    Make sure the DMA is enabled for your DVD-ROM, otherwise playback will be 'jumpy'.

      # hdparm -d1 /dev/cdrom
  5. If you want full Windows Media Video and Quicktime support download and install:

  6. If you want full Real Media support download and install:

    RealPlayer9- newest version
    (alternative rpm for fedora core: RealPlayer9-, or
    RealPlayer8- older version (if you have problems instaling RealPlayer9)
    obs: Depending on your distro, you might need /usr/sbin/update-alternatives or libXm.so.2
  7. Type 'xine' at your console window and enjoy...

    Hint: consider reading the xine FAQ.

  8. To try an experimental Netscape/Mozilla plugin using xine to play embedded videos, download and install:

    xine-mozilla-plugin-(version)-xxxxxx.i586.rpm xine plugin for Netscape/Mozilla.

    This plugin was not officialy released, it might hang/crash/freeze/burn. in case of trouble just uninstall.

contains 2 subdirectories and 18 files
filesize (kb)last modified
filelibdvdcss-1.2.8-2.network.src.rpm218.3618 : 14 Apr 09th 2004
filelibdvdcss-1.2.8-2.network.i386.rpm42.6118 : 14 Apr 09th 2004
filelibdvdcss-devel-1.2.8-2.network.i386.rpm21.2518 : 14 Apr 09th 2004
filelibxine1-1.1.5-070315.k7.rpm10362.2814 : 50 Mar 15th 2007
filelibxine1-1.1.5-070315.src.rpm6940.1306 : 55 Mar 15th 2007
filelibxine1-1.1.5-070315.i586.rpm10361.6207 : 01 Mar 15th 2007
filelibxine1-1.1.5-070315.k6.rpm10361.7112 : 15 Mar 15th 2007
filelibxine1-1.1.5-070315.i686.rpm1036209 : 40 Mar 15th 2007
filelibxine1-devel-1.1.5-070315.i586.rpm146.4307 : 01 Mar 15th 2007
fileRealPlayer8- : 48 Dec 23rd 2002
fileRealPlayer9- : 28 Jun 09th 2004
fileRealPlayer9- : 07 Nov 01st 2002
filetakeback2.gif12.0320 : 48 Apr 19th 2002
filew32codec-0.52-1.i386.rpm8113.6717 : 29 Jan 03rd 2003
filexine-mozilla-plugin-0.2-051004.src.rpm228.5903 : 39 Oct 04th 2005
filexine-mozilla-plugin-0.2-051004.i586.rpm23.1503 : 39 Oct 04th 2005
filexine-ui-0.99.6cvs-071123.i586.rpm1701.1404 : 00 Nov 23rd 2007
filexine-ui-0.99.6cvs-071123.src.rpm2618.5604 : 00 Nov 23rd 2007

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